Jennifer Ruth Russell has spent her life deepening her gifts of music in order to lift others in song, helping them come back home to their own hearts.

As a child (and grandchild) of missionaries to Africa, as well as being one of six children, Jennifer grew up learning how to create musical entertainment for herself and her family.

Through this, she came to discover that for her, music truly nourishes the soul.

An acclaimed and talented musician, Jennifer has earned accolades for her music ranging from The National Parenting Center’s Seal of Approval to the United Church of Religious Science’s Art Award – and numerous awards from a range of other organizations.

Jennifer is a Licensed Practitioner of Truth at the Agape International Spiritual Center in Culver City, California and the Centers for Spiritual Living in Camarillo, California. She has a calling and love for prayer and exploring the great mysteries.

Jennifer now travels internationally offering her songs, workshops, and Soulebrations


Currently based in Los Angeles, California, Andrea grew up with a spirit as free as the Kentucky horse country she was raised in. Intuitive, artistic and fiercely independent, Andrea displayed an early talent for expressing the world in her own unique way.

Starting off her artistic life as an actress and dancer, she eventually decided to focus on singing and songwriting.

She fronted several bands including the popular L.A. band, ‘North Green’ that had several songs featured on the popular television show, ‘Gilmore Girls’.

In 1994 she began attending the Agape International Spiritual Center. This is where she truly found her calling. She credits Agape for making it possible for her to fully unleash her unique inspirational rock style of music.

She likens her sound to, “John Lennon meets Lady GaGa for tea on a spiritual retreat” and credits influences like Rickie Byars-Beckwith, Lady Gaga and Neil Young.

Rev. Dr. Michael Bernard Beckwith calls Andrea, “A Rock Star for God.”


Margaret Owens, a Los Angeles-based inspirational singer/songwriter, has nine full-length CD’s to her credit, one of which features a duet with Grammy winner Rick Springfield (whom she acted with for two years in his Las Vegas show “EFX”).

A native Californian, Margaret and her music have been praised by the many ministers who have shared the stage with her as “unparalleled… a sermon unto itself… the perfect vehicle through which to deliver the most important of messages”.

Most recently, she collaborated with two-time Emmy-winning writer/producer Erik Bork in her acclaimed one-woman musical “SEEKING MY GOOD,” now available for viewing at