Speak with one of our Prayer Practitioners if you are in need of inspiration, celebration of a major event in your life and/or healing in any area: financial, relational, health or career. You are God’s wondrous gift. Let our Prayer Practitioners remind you of that!

Camarillo Center for Spiritual Living Practitioners support our spiritual community in a variety of ways:

  • Prayer support before and after Sunday Services
  • Responding to your written, email and phone prayer requests

All of the above services are provided as a gift to our spiritual community.

Licensed prayer Practitioners are also available for individual spiritual support sessions on a fee basis. A session with a Prayer Practitioner provides a safe, nurturing environment for you to explore your spiritual practices and current beliefs that you would like to change. You are provided with the opportunity to co-create a “new” thought in your life that allows you to change your thinking and change your life!

Kathleen Benjamin







Donna Bennett

I was born in Los Angeles, CA and grew up in the San Fernando Valley where I attended school and college. I was diagnosed with Stargarts at age 15 a form of juvenile macular degeneration that causes blindness. As a result, jobs were not available in the 50s for people with disabilities, so I turned to my first love which was ranching.

Most of my adult life was raising troubled kids on my ranch in Templeton CA. I also invested in real estate in order to provide an income.

In 2003 I visited Camarillo CSL and was hooked! It fit right into the way I thought and believed. I took every class offered and sometimes again. I became a Practitioner because I wanted to further enhance my life and help others to “Live Life Fully”. There are no “Limitations” only what you Create!


Rev. Kristin Kephart






Rev. Grace Lovejoy






Jennifer Ruth Russell

Jennifer has been a Spiritual Mentor for more than 16 years.  She trained at Agape International Spiritual Center, in Culver City, California, under Rev. Michael Bernard. She is honored to now be serving now at the Center for Spiritual Living Camarillo. She has mentored thousands of clients and students in the depths of financial lack and heart ache, helping them to heal their hearts and lives by connecting to the Light of their own Divinity. 

Jennifer is the creator of Angels of Abundance Ascension Academy.  This year long study into the Mysteries of the Higher Realms empowers students to become the healers they came here to be, emerging as an oracle of guidance for themselves and others.

 Jennifer is also an award winning songwriter.  Songs have always poured out of her heart.  She loves to take people into the stillness of the soul and the playfulness of the light. She has written and recorded eleven CDs, including her award winning Virtues Songs A-Z for children.

Jennifer’s life vision is to uplift and empower lightworkers to live abundantly, and transform the world with songs and prayers that open the heart.   When you are in her presence you will feel the deep connection of the Angels.

  “A moment with Jennifer is like immersing yourself in the inspiration of the best music and the love of a most powerful prayer.” – Rev. Michael Bernard Beckwith

Billy Shank

For Billy, being a Licensed Religious Science Practitioner was never the goal. “I’ve always wanted to help ‘regular’ people realize their Divine Magnificence. Being religious or pious or following some obscure rules doesn’t matter. It’s all about being happy, loving, joyous and free to create what’s in your soul. There is so much more to us than this physical body.”

Becoming a Practitioner was just the next logical step. “Many years ago I’d had what some might call an ‘epiphany’. It led me to study all the major religions, converse with numerous what I call ‘everyday mystics’ and, most importantly, intimately know my own personal God. I’d come to most of the conclusions of Science of Mind long before ever stepping into a Religious Science Church. I’d always thought I was the only one. Lo and behold, there was a whole room full of them! It was the first place I’d been in a long time that I felt could take me higher.”

“I immersed myself in classes. Ernest Holmes was a genius. I loved how he connected the dots between the science and the heart.”

Laraine Hall

I was born in Long Beach, CA and grew up in Washington State. We moved to Camarillo, CA when I was a teenager in the late 1950s. I attended Ventura College as a Music Major, and Cal State Northridge as an Ed. Major, and taught school in Port Hueneme, Ocean View and Camarillo.

Married with four children, I continued my education with a master’s in education & a master’s in counseling psychology. I discovered the Camarillo Church of Religious Science (now CCSL) in the 1970s, and attended Science of Mind classes, becoming a practitioner and a teacher of metaphysics. It is so great being a part of a community, which is loving, accepting and evolving.

I am also the author of the “Dream Analyst Novels”, which have humor, romance, mystery and metaphysics.

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Cheryl Snyder



-No one is ever denied treatment for inability to pay –