Words of Grace

Words of Grace

Community Service

It appears from studies that doing community service has health benefits. Research demonstrates that volunteering leads to better health and that older volunteers are the most likely to receive physical and mental health benefits from their volunteer activities.

Looking at the state of America after the Trump speech last week condoning white supremacy and , in essence, supporting the KKK, it might seem like we are taking giant strides backwards.  Just to be clear, my personal moral code causes me to see that my values of Unity, Love, Freedom, and Order, forces me to speak to the issue of what it means to legitimize hate.  It’s not one of my values.  What is the counterbalance to the upheaval that is currently in play due to the incident at Charlotte, NC?

The counterbalance is compassion and caring.  Compassion is being able to see the suffering of others and strive to see where in me that resides and what I can do to ease that suffering.  Community service seems to be a way to alleviate suffering.

Reaching in, we find the strength to speak the Truth for and about someone or something.  Reaching out, we find the Power to do something in the physical world that can change our minds and hearts.  Be the change we want to see and see the change become the reality.

Ventura County has a way for us to do that as a community and as individuals.  Check out the possibilities at https://www.givebacktime.org/ to make a difference.

Be the blessing in the world.

Rev. Grace