The Divine Feminine


The Divine Feminine is honored every May in America as Mother, the ideal form of woman. Maid, mother, crone, all mixed up in each of our perceptions of the women who birthed us and the thing she represents.

In Science of Mind and many other religions Soul is considered the receptive, creative aspect of God. It is synonymous with what we refer to as Law. It is the seat of the Creative Process, the place where our thoughts are nurtured into form and experience.

In Constantinople (modern-day Istanbul), there is the cathedral known as the Haggia Sophia.  Dedicated to Goddess Sophia, this temple celebrates the central idea of many an ancient philosophy, the Sophia or Wisdom principle. This Divine Wisdom is by many considered the mother of God.

In Tibetan Buddhism we have The Green Tara, the mother of liberation.  She is the Divine Feminine and protects the earth. She’s compassionate and loving and known as the Buddah of enlightened activity.

Hindu tradition reveres the Goddess Kali Ma, consort of Lord Shiva and the goddess of time and change.  She is the dark side of Mother.  She will clear your consciousness of old thoughts, old habits, old demons that won’t let you go.  But it may not be a willing or easy change. And so Kali Ma represents the determined aspect of Mother, the mother that will not let her children fail.

And so, we celebrate the Divine Feminine, the Mother Principle, the Soul, the Law, the Nurturer.